Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden

Be inspired to include California native plants in your next garden design, visit the Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden at the Humboldt Botanical Gardens.  The garden incorporates California natives in many unique ways including mass plantings, a formal allee, contemporary landscape planting and more. Native plants found in the Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden may be used effectively and beautifully in designs from naturalesque to modern with the added benefit of having wildlife value and requiring little maintenance.

Yarrow Achillea millefolium californica

Matilija Poppy Romneya coulteri

Monkey Flower Mimulus spp.

California Fuchsia Epilobium canum

Tufted Hairgrass Deschampsia caespitosa

Native Mounding Dogwood

Ocean Spray Holodiscus discolor

Vine Maple Acer circinatum

Oregon Grape Mahonia aquifolium

Oregon Grape makes an excellent evergreen security hedge.  It grows to about 6 feet tall by 5 feet wide and is drought tolerant.

Wild Mock Orange Philadelphus lewisii

Both Wild Mock Orange and Western Spice Bush make lovely, deciduous, flowering screens or hedges.  Wild Mock Orange grows four to ten feet tall, typically wider than taller and has a more open habit than Western Spice Bush. Western Spice Bush grows four to twelve feet high and wide and has fragrant leaves, which are unappealing to deer.

Western Spicebush Calycanthus occidentalis

Western Spicebush Grove in Spring

The Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden at the Humboldt Botanical Gardens has decided to take a neutral stance on the non-native, non-invasive, darling of its garden, the Common Foxglove Digitalis purpurea. The tower-like assembly of intricate purple and pink flowers are a striking compliment to the native species in the garden.

Red Alder Allee Alnus rubra

Beach Strawberry Fragaria chiloensis
Beach Strawberry is a flowering, evergreen ground cover suitable to many conditions including harsh coastal conditions.  It is a low maintenance plant requiring regular water, good drainage and an annual spring pruning or mowing to maintain its lushness.

Naturally Fed Formal Water Feature

The Italianate, formal water feature and terrace that are enveloped by the Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden juxtapose beautifully with the native plantings.

A Wonderful Place for a Party

Garden Donor Pavers

Central Axis Terminates Above at Site of Future Visitors Center

Coffeeberry Rhamnus californica 'Eve Case'

Western Azalea Rhododendron occidentale

Wild Currant Ribes sanguineum

Wild Lilac Ceanothus