Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yoga in the Garden

I met with Patricia Starr at the garden today.  She will be teaching Yoga for Gardeners & Friends of Gardeners on Wednesday, July 24th.  We stood in the lawn and considered the best site for the class.  She quickly fell into instructing yoga while we talked.  She demonstrated a pose to improve the flexibility of my hips and then led me through mountain pose, suggesting that as we garden, we should break regularly to stretch.  In her class at HBG, students will learn a number of poses to use throughout their gardening session that will help them garden more comfortably.  

I asked Patricia if she would like to walk through the Dedekam Ornamental Terrace Garden and so we did.  She had an idea to do a mediation walk.  I asked her what it was and she led me through it.  Feeling my feet connected with ground, wandering the garden, not trying to get anywhere, breathing in and out in step, feeling connected and similar to the plants, I quickly found myself less distracted and content to take in the garden’s hues and scents.  

Thank you Patricia for my mini-yoga session at the garden!

Janna Snell

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