Monday, April 30, 2012

National Garden Clubs' Gardening Study School

California Garden Clubs
Humboldt District
Spring 2012
Gardening Study School
  • The school will run for two days (Friday and Saturday) from 9:00 to 3:30.
  • Those taking the exams will have from 3:30 to 5:00 to complete the exams
  • You must pass the exams to become a NGC Gardening Consultant
There will be 4 courses:
  • Course 1 October 12 & 13 Basic Botany, Soils, Houseplants, Propagation
  • Course 2 January 4 & 5 Diseases and garden pests, Container Gardening.
  • Growing Vegetables, Growing lawns and or lawn alternatives
  • Course 3 April 5 & 6 Factors that influence plant growth, Pruning, Growing
  • Outdoor Flowers, Tour Botanical Garden, Plant Taxonomy
  • Course 4 July 12& 13 Outdoor Identification of Plants, Specialized Styles of Gardening, Growing Woody Ornamentals, Growing Fruit, Home Irrigation techniques.
The lectures will be at the University of California Agriculture Extension Building
located at 5630 South Broadway, Eureka, CA 95503 and other locations.

Required Materials:
The required readings will be from “Living with Plants”, Schumann cost $24.95, “Secrets to Great Soil” by Stell cost $19.95 and the Sunset Western Garden Book which many of us already have on hand. Each person is responsible for ordering the books from the National Garden Clubs 1-800-550-6007.

Course fee (2 days—includes lunches) is $75.00
Discount fee if you are a member of a CGCI, Humboldt District Club $60.00
1-day fee (includes lunch) is $40.00
Exam fee: $5.00
CGCI Refresher fee: $5.00
Univ. Of Calif Master Gardener Refresher fee $5.00

Contact Information:
Mary Lou Goodwin, Chairman

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