Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mercer-Fraser Company Plants Street Trees Inspired by HBG

Below, a planting of street trees by Mercer-Fraser Company beautifies an industrial neighborhood.  

Strawberry Trees at 3rd & Commercial in Eureka

The specimen selection, Strawberry Tree Arbutus x 'Marina' was inspired by a visit to the Humboldt Botanical Garden.

Strawberry Tree Arbutus x 'Marina' at HBG

Arbutus x 'Marina' thrives in our area as long as drainage is good.  It will resent having to stand in water long and may decline or die as a result.

Arbutus x 'Marina' sports darling flowers in fall and winter that are followed by edible berries.


  1. They'll be beautiful in a few years. Just FYI this is a hybrid so not Arbutus unedo. It is just Arbutus 'Marina'.

  2. (you could also list it as Arbutus X 'Marina')


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