Monday, September 12, 2011

HBGF Internship Description & Application

Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation Internship
Inspire. Educate. Grow.

Application Deadline TBA
Internship Begins TBA

The Humboldt Botanical Garden provides a public display of documented native and exotic plants adapted to the local climate in a planned landscape that provides an educational, aesthetic, and tranquil experience for visitors. The garden works to advance global plant conservation efforts, horticultural, botanical, and ecological knowledge; propagation and dispersal of adapted plants; and community education and development. Sustainable practices protect and conserve resources and enhance habitat for the local creatures.

Contact Information:
Pam Christiansen, (707)442-5139,
Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation, P. O. Box 6117, Eureka, CA 95501

An applicant for a HBGF Internship will select a project that best fits his or her education and experience. Qualified applicants are organized, disciplined, self-motivated and have a strong desire to learn to do new things well. Qualified applicants will also possess knowledge and/or interest in botanical gardens, gardening, botany, horticulture and/or design. This is an unpaid, 80-hour internship to be completed in the course of one semester.

Project #1
  • Develop content, design and layout of directional and interpretive signage at the Humboldt Botanical Garden.
  • Develop literature for self-guided garden tours including plant identification materials, landscape and planting design descriptions, local habitat and wildlife information, etc. 
  • Work with and prepare a presentation for the HBGF Board including presentation materials, designs, mock ups, budget, manufacturing, printing and other project details.

Project #2
  • Identify preferred locations for display gardens to be designed and installed by Humboldt Botanical Garden and then maintained by the owners. 
  • In particular, facilitate a project with the City of Eureka that creates a display garden in the planters on the Eureka Boardwalk. 
  •  Incorporate interpretive signage to educate Eureka Boardwalk visitors about the display garden as well as the Humboldt Botanical Garden. 
  • Work with the HBGF Board, City of Eureka, designers, plant experts and contractors to create an eye-catching HBGF display garden from top to bottom.

Project #3
  • Research and write grants to support HBGF.

Project #4
  • Develop website content and design a web page specifically for children for using Adobe Design Premium CS5.5 with Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, etc. 
  • Include interactive games. Develop and describe children’s activities at the garden and on the site. 
  • Develop simple explanations and drawings describing science in the garden. 
  • Create real world games and experiments that may be done at home.

The HBGF Internship provides an intern with significant real-world learning, networking and mentoring opportunities including, but not limited to presenting and defending work at HBGF board meetings; communicating with members, staff, volunteers, the public and government officials; working with office, board and garden staff to facilitate project success; working with contractors, web designers and other professionals to insure that intellectual work or design work is properly displayed or installed; and participating in committees.

Humboldt Botanical Garden is located at
7351 Tompkins Hill Road (North CR Exit)

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